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Month to month 1-1 coaching

Feeling a little stuck?

Maybe you want support through a difficult time?

Or maybe you are looking to take your life to the next level?

Coaching with Luke can help you

  • Motivation - Motivation comes from the root “motive” and defines the driving reasons behind our actions and behaviours. An individuals motivation can shift for many reasons including a loss of meaning, conflicting values, lack of a clear outcome, lack of a clear plan, limiting beliefs, self-esteem or confidence problems and many other reasons. We help our clients get to the root of their motivation issues and clear anything in their way so they can power forward into their life.

  • Anxiety/Depression - We have a very effective system for helping people overcome depression, anxiety, overwhelm and chronic stress. We can help you get control of your mind to produce the thoughts, feelings and behaviours you desire.   ​​

  • Low self-esteem/low confidence - Low self esteem and low confidence is a common problem across all ages in this day and age. We can help you massively enhance your self-esteem and confidence.

  • Fulfilment - Discover what you need in order to feel fulfilled. Align your values, improve your self-esteem and bring aware to whether you are fulfilling all six human needs to achieve fulfilment. 

  • Physical Optimisation - Improved energy, health, vitality, and mental clarity through perfecting your nutrition and physical wellness. We use the tools of Integrative nutrition holistic health coaching and exercise performance training to optimise your physical body in an achievable and sustainable way.  

  • Career achievement - Any career goal can be achieved with the desire to achieve it. Set the right goals, create the right plan, take the right actions and be held accountable. Often people hold themselves back unconsciously from going after what they're worth and achieving what they are capable of. We help you get clear on what you're worth and move towards getting what you want. 

  • Relationships - We Identify and resolve any issues getting in the way of you finding and succeeding in your intimate relationships. Enhance your confidence, improve your communication, and give you the tools to understand how to perform in relationships. Learn how to experience a level of fulfilment within your relationship beyond what you might have previously though to be possible. 

  • Weight loss/Health - We help individuals lose weight, get fit and get healthy. But, what is the point of doing this if you can't maintain it for the rest of your life? For this reason we work primarily on building the appropriate habits and systems into your life in a customised, enjoyable way so you can enjoy the life long results. This is done over a recommended minimum of three months. 

  • Family Life - Learn how to align the family values to create a whole new level of family cohesion and experience a deeper sense of connection. Create new communication tools and systems for greater family fulfilment. ​


We get incredible results for our clients in as little as a few sessions.

We do recommend a minimum of 3 months to achieve the greatest, long lasting results.


  3 months or 6 months 

   Option 1 includes:

  • 4 x 75 minute one-on-one sessions per month

  • Resources throughout the program

  • Email and text support throughout the whole program

  • Cancel for free at anytime

   Option 2 includes:

  • 2 x 75 minute one-on-one sessions per month

  • Resources throughout the program

  • Email and text support throughout the whole program

  • Cancel for free at anytime

All programs are available online via Zoom 

"Luke has been an incredible blessing for me. Before coming to Luke I always felt stressed and anxious. I felt stuck and couldn't think straight. So far he has helped me overcome two major problems I was facing in my life which has been so positive for me.

He has also helped me build a whole new level of confidence and self esteem

I always feel clear and encouraged after our sessions." 

Rachel K School teacher

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