Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Where did you get your certification to be an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach?

I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), the world's largest Nutrition School. IIN is an online nutrition institute headquartered in New York City. It has been licensed by the New York State Department of Education since 2009 and it has received recognition by the National College Credit Recommendation Service.


2.  What is a Health Coach?

There is a lot of buzz around this term, and for good reason. Health coaching has emerged as a $6 billion service market, and with 86% of the nation's $2.7 trillion annual healthcare expenditures spent on chronic and mental diseases, doctors are partnering up with health coaches more than ever to assist in improved coordinated care, preventative health and patient recovery. Health Coaches are health educators who motivate and advise clients to change unhealthy lifestyle habits and achieve their wellness goals (think: improved sleep, weight loss, stress management, preventing/managing chronic diseases). They act as mentors and accountability partners to help their clients discover what makes them thrive.

3.  Holistic What does it mean?

Holistic defined: "The belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.​.. Characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease." In other words, as it relates to health, holistic means looking at the big picture. It involves considering a variety of lifestyle factors, both on and off the plate, with the intention to identify the root cause rather than treating symptoms.

4. Can't I just get this information from a book or Google?

While there are many great books out there, as well as endless amounts of high quality information on Google, neither of these can hold you accountable for profound and lasting transformation. Working with a health coach, you don’t just get life-changing education – you are fully supported to integrate this knowledge into your daily life. 

5. You offer different programs. Which one is best for me?


Send me a contact form (at the bottom) and we'll set up a time to figure out what is the best fit for you. Quick answer: It depends on where you are in your health journey and the degree to which you are willing and able to commit, both emotionally and financially. My shorter programs and "special offer" programs are more affordable and offer a great taste of the health coaching experience while supporting you in a lifestyle reset and redefining your wellness strategy. As with anything, where energy goes, energy flows. So the more time, attention and effort you dedicate to your health and wellness the more likely you are to experience a fuller transformation and the sustainable change you seek. Regardless of what you choose, I am confident that you will finish every program feeling empowered, both on and off the plate.

6.  Can I still do a program with you if we don't live in the same city?

Absolutely. We have our sessions virtually through FaceTime or Skype (unless you are local to me we can do in person), so we do our sessions together anywhere in the world. 

7.  How does it work?

First we agree on a time to meet for a health history. The health history is an initial strategy session where we 1) get a clear understanding of where you currently are with your health and wellness (essentially provide a baseline), and 2) build the foundation of the road map for where you want to go (getting your goals in place). 

After the health history session, we schedule a time that works for everyone involved and we lock it in so we have dates scheduled for our entire program (with flexibility as needed).

From there we begin our journey to better health and a better life :)  

8. What payment options do you accept?

My preferred methods of payment are cash, check, bank transfer or PayPal transfer. I kindly ask that clients pay half the cost of their program prior to the start of their first session and the second half at the halfway point.