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Self-Worth & Happiness 

Building Teenage Self-Belief and Confidence 

Developing Communication and Leadership 

Before working with Luke I was operating with a manner of communication that had become a problem. My aggressive and abrupt communication style was impacting those closest to me and the people within my business that I needed to get the best out of. I was unaware of the impact I was having on others and I thought I was in control of my communication, but the manner in which I was giving my instructions and articulating myself was being received poorly. My approach and my communication style was only making the problem worse, because people were not responding to me in the manner I was expecting and this would frustrate me further, only to cause me to be more abrupt and direct in following communication. (Not enough space to put the rest of the testimonial)

Working Through Stress & Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Before starting with Luke I was going through a psychological breakdown. Personally and professionally. I have dealt with mental health problems for a large majority of my life and with the additional stresses from covid (of working from home and homeschooling) I was really struggling.

The benefits I experienced after going through a 6 week personal breakthrough program with Luke were profound. I came to realise how many limiting beliefs I had that were impacting my full potential and my future both personally and professionally.

One of the biggest limiting beliefs I had was a belief that said “I am my mental illness” but now I know that I am so much more than a mental illness. Getting aware of this and replacing it with an empowering belief has changed a lot for me. I also discovered that I had social constraints holding me back from being who I truly wanted to be. I realised I was trying to be what people wanted me to be rather than who I truly am. (Testimonial continues)

Meaningful Change

Before meeting Luke I was at a point in my life where I was stuck. I was in a negative headspace, I was trapped in a pattern of negative habits and beliefs and all I could see was suffering - I was suffering.
I wasn't the person I wanted to be but I didn't know how to create the change that I needed alone. Meeting Luke was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. Luke is a fantastic mentor and mindset coach. I was able to share my experiences with him to create a meaningful change in my life. My development came in the form of mindset, positivity, redirection and healing.
Working with Luke was easy - he's a relatable individual with real life experience and an authenticity about him that seems to stand out from other professionals. Sometimes no matter how much we want to help ourselves, it's just not quite enough and for that I'm glad I got the chance to work with Luke.

Resolving Work Stress, Anxiety & Building Self-Esteem

Before I started with Luke I was in a bad space of mind. I was constantly over thinking and second guessing myself. I was also at a breaking point due to not being able to sleep from anxiety and stress, mostly coming from dealing with difficult clients in my job.

Throughout my life I always had issues with my self esteem and confidence.

Before starting with Luke I was a little skeptical. I had worked with a psychologist about this stuff and I didn't take anything from it. I was also a little worried about talking to a stranger but Luke made me feel very comfortable from the start. It’s nice to be able to speak to someone who is able to make it comfortable for you.

To be able to explain everything to someone who can really listen and understand me really helped. Luke held space for me, he thought about what I said and asked me great questions to help me to see a different perspective. These new perspectives and new ideas helped transform the way I interpret situations (continued)

Overcoming Self-Doubt & Building Self-Trust

Josh Bailey testimonial

Greater Mental and Emotional Control

Before meeting Luke, I was dealing with an undiagnosed health issue and chronic pain, which was causing me a lot of mental and emotional pain.
Working with Luke has been life changing. I have so much more control of my mind and emotions now. Luke helped me understand what I am responsible for and how to take control of what I can control.
Luke helped me understand the difference between my pain and my mental emotional suffering. He has helped me get control of the mental and emotional side so I can now just manage the pain as it is, without adding all the extra mental and emotional suffering on top of it. While I figured out my health issues, Luke also helped me realise I shouldn't have to explain myself to people. He has really helped my whole outlook on life. I believe everyone should have a Luke.

Healing & Developing Life Skills

I started working with Luke because I was going through a lot of overwhelming feelings. I was really emotionally dysregulated and I wanted to be more in control of my thoughts, feelings and emotions in my life. I needed a helpful hand and guidance.

With Luke I have experienced unconditional acceptance. Coming from a background of having abandonment issues this was important for me to experience with a coach/practitioner.

Luke has been a safe space to learn and grow with. He has helped me understand that a bad day doesn't amount to being a bad person. Luke has been able to tell me some hard truths, help me work through them and guide me to take the learnings into my future.

Overcoming Insecurity & Low Self-Worth

Before starting with Luke I had a lack of motivation, a lot of insecurity and anxiety because of low self worth.

Working with Luke has given me a fresh perspective that has positively changed my view on things in my life. He has given me tools to use for things I need to work on and just having someone genuine to talk about things, to vent things and feel free to unload has really released a lot for me.

I have made great progress in the first four sessions. I have definitely started down my path of self acceptance. I feel more motivated and energized, and I am much happier.

Working with Luke is a different approach. I was able to open up to Luke about my past but we didn't just focus on that. Instead, Luke gets you focused on the present and helps you in opening up new ways to help you move forward in life. Luke is not afraid to challenge your beliefs and he asks good questions. Luke also provides a tangible summary of the whole session via email after each session (continued)

Enhancing Confidence & Career Performance

Another testimonial

Support Through the Challenges of Business & Dating

Della's Testimonial

Child Self-belief and Confidence 

My wife and I came to Luke because my daughter was facing a lack of self-belief and confidence. She was comparing herself to others and had a lot of timidness. If something went poorly or if she was challenged in some way, instead of finding that inner self that would back her up, she would instead collapse. She had some emotional challenges and was nowhere near self-actualized. Who we knew she could be and who she was didn’t match.
The progress she has made has been night and day. She can now make mistakes or get beat in her sports and she’s ok. She doesn’t compare herself to others like she used to, and she is really getting a solid idea of who she is, and where she is going. She has confidence in herself now. (continued)

Support through a tough time

Marriage testimonial

Anger Management & Mental Well-being

SBefore meeting Luke I was experiencing a lot of anger and even hatred towards people. I was struggling to feel good about anything. Subconsciously I was looking for help but my ego was holding me back from actually asking for the support I needed. I saw Luke advertising on Facebook about mental wellbeing and with Luke's previous background in boxing I had a common interest straight away. So I reached out.
The benefits I received were a game changer for me. Luke completely shifted my Mindset which allowed my personal life, relationships and my business to flourish. I enjoyed seeing results in myself and for the first time I actually loved myself.
I would recommend Luke to anyone! So many people work on their bodys in the Gym but spend no time working in their mind. Mindset is KEY.
And for anyone who is on the fence about getting support just know that If you keep sitting on the fence you will be stuck in the same place mentally until you stand up.
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