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  • Inner Freedom - Many clients come to Luke with a desire to quit being controlled by their negative emotions, negative responses, self-sabotage, and lack of self-control. Luke helps clients take greater control of their inner world so they can feel a sense of freedom. 

  • Motivation - Motivation comes from the root “motive” and defines the driving reasons behind our actions and behaviors. An individual's motivation can shift for many reasons, including a loss of meaning, conflicting values, lack of a clear outcome, lack of a clear plan, limiting beliefs, self-esteem or confidence problems, and many other reasons. Luke helps his clients get to the root of their motivation issues and clear anything in their way so they can take action toward the life they want. 

  • Anxiety/Depression - Depression, anxiety, overwhelm, and chronic stress are some of the most common psychological issues faced in the western world. Luke facilitates his clients to move through stress while building greater mental/emotional resilience. ​​

  • Self-Esteem - Low self-esteem is a common challenge across all ages. The good news is that it is an inner-world "problem," which means self-esteem can be enhanced by changing your inner-world view. Luke helps clients enhance their self-esteem and boost their self-confidence.


  • Career/Results Coaching - People often hold themselves back unconsciously from going after what they genuinely want and achieving what they are capable of. Luke pushes his clients to step into who and what they are capable of. He facilitates clients to get clear on what they want, map out the steps together, and create a plan of action. 

  • Mindset/Mental health Optimization - We have a very effective system for helping people with depression, anxiety, overwhelm and stress. We help you get control of your mind to produce the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you desire, then build the right strategies to manage adverse scenarios.

  • Joy/Fulfillment - We discover what you need to feel fulfilled and overcome anything in the way of that, Including but not limited to, anxiety, phobias, depression, and other mental health challenges to help you get to a consistent life of daily joy and fulfillment. 

  • Goal setting and achievement - Any career goal can be achieved with the desire to achieve it. Set the right goals, create the right plan, take the right actions, and be held accountable. Often people hold themselves back unconsciously from going after what they're worth and achieving what they are capable of. We help you understand what you're worth and move towards getting what you want. ​​​​


  • Strategies for sustainable change -  Build the right strategies for you to maintain your results long-term.

  • Children & Teens - Children experience challenges from anxiety, over-seriousness, and other mental/emotional challenges. Luke helps kids overcome anxiety by getting to the root of their issues and providing practice solutions. Luke gives children and parents the tools to build genuine confidence and mental/emotional resilience. Luke has a lot of experience working with kids in his business and with his wife at Evolving Athlete Academy

  • Relationships - Singles, couples, social life; Luke coaches his clients to identify and resolve issues getting in the way of succeeding in their intimate and social relationships. Luke teaches clients how to connect deeper, enhance communication, and gain a deeper understanding of how to build quality relationships.​​

Interested In Working With Luke?

I work to get you immediate, tangible results and wins!

My goal is to get you moving quickly and efficiently in the direction you want to go.

The First Step Is To Book In For The Initial Coaching Session.

That initial coaching session is free, it's 45 minutes and it’s over Zoom.

What You’ll Get Out of the Initial Coaching Session:

  1. Present State vs Desired Outcome. I'll ask questions to guide you to determine where you are now (“present state”) compared to where you want to be (“desired outcome”) and begin figuring out what is in the way of you bridging the gap. Oftentimes, this is something that people haven’t spent much time on before they come to see me. As a coach, to create the most targeted, effective plan, I need a crystal clear understanding of where you are now compared to your desired outcome(s).

  2. Clarity. I intend for you to leave this session with clarity about the specific leverage points and obstacles in the way, slowing down your progress toward your desired outcome(s).

  3. Are We A Good Fit? You’ll experience my 1-1 coaching in a single session with zero pressure to do any further coaching. At the end of that session, you’ll know whether working more closely together is going to be of value and interest to you.

  4. Follow-Up Email & Tentative Plan. After the session, you’ll receive a follow-up email. That email will contain notes from the session and a tentative plan that will give you an idea of the things I believe you would need to work on to achieve your desired outcome(s).

How I Work With People To Get The Best Results

After each session, a follow-up email (with session notes) is sent to your email (unless otherwise agreed upon).

In addition to the follow-up email after each session, you will have access to me via audio and text messages between sessions.

To help clients create significant change and reinforce that change so it stays with the client for a lifetime, they need to be committed and consistent with the process. For this reason, I recommend clients do a minimum of 12 sessions. 

Each month, we meet for four 60-minute sessions, ideally one week apart; this ends up being 12 sessions over 3-months.

Coaching programs range from $100-$500 per month depending on your needs and budget. 

I work to get you immediate, tangible results and wins!


The goal is to get you moving quickly and efficiently in the direction you want to go.

"Luke has changed my life in so many positive ways. He has such a great way of opening my mind and helping me see things in a whole new way. I had so many life-changing realizations and positive changes during our time together. I am free of depression, am no longer on medication, and I now feel in charge of my mind. This has been one of the best investments I have made in my personal development and my mental health." 

Michelle F - Business owner

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