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Over 6 Weeks we focus intensely on overcoming the #1 problem area(s) in your life.

In this 6 week program we work together to overcome your biggest problem so you can take control of your life. 

  • Mindset/Mental health Optimisation - We have a very effective system for helping people with depression, anxiety, overwhelm and stress. We help you get control of your mind to produce the thoughts, feelings and behaviours you desire, then build the right strategies to manage adverse scenarios.

  • Joy/Fulfilment - We discover what you need in order to feel fulfilled and overcome anything in the way of that Including but not limited to: anxiety, phobias, depression and other mental health challenges to help you get to a consistent life of daily joy and fulfilment. 

  • Physical Optimisation - Improved energy, health, vitality, and mental clarity through perfecting your nutrition and physical wellness. We use the tools of Integrative nutrition holistic health coaching and exercise performance training to optimise your physical body in an achievable and sustainable way.  

  • Career achievement - Any career goal can be achieved with the desire to achieve it. Set the right goals, create the right plan, take the right actions and be held accountable. Often people hold themselves back unconsciously from going after what they're worth and achieving what they are capable of. We help you get clear on what you're worth and move towards getting what you want. ​​

  • Family Life - Learn how to align the family values to have a whole new level of family cohesion and experience a deeper sense of connection.

  • Strategies for sustainable change -  Build the right strategies for you to maintain your results long term. 



  • 6 x 90 minute one-on-one sessions

  • Resources throughout the program

  • Email and text support throughout the entire program 

All programs are available online via Zoom

"Luke has changed my life in so many positive ways. He has such a great way of opening my mind and helping me see life in a whole new way. I had so many life changing realisations and positive changes during our time together. I feel free now. This has been one of the best investments I have made in my personal development and my mental health." 

Michelle F - Business owner

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