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Relationship Coaching

A joyful, solution-focused approach to making relationships work

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"The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives."

I believe our intimate, long-term relationship is the most important relationship in life. 

When I imagine myself at the end of my life, I firmly believe I will look back and realize that the quality of my relationship with my intimate partner, the person I lived with and spent the most time with, will have been the biggest determining factor to the quality of my life.

For this reason, it has been worth spending whatever time, money, and effort it takes to make sure my intimate relationship is truly fulfilling.

Remember when you and your partner first met?


Remember how grateful you were for meeting them at that time?


Remember how much you wanted to give to them?


Remember how much you were willing to do to fulfill them?

Remember the future vision you thought was possible with them?


Understanding each other's model of the world 


We all come into adult relationships with a set understanding of how to relate to others in an intimate relationship.

We learn this unconsciously as we grow up from watching our parents and other adults relate to each other. 


These were our "Models" and their way of doing things often becomes our way of doing things.

Unless we consciously decide to do things differently.


Relationships can be quite challenging because what you were taught to believe about a loving relationship, your definition of relationship might be very different from what your partner learned growing up. 

That's why we have conflicts. And that is why healthy conflict is great!


Conflict helps a couple understand each other's model of relating and gives the couple the opportunity to find a middle ground that best serves the life they want to have together.


That's if they know how to do conflicts right.


Unfortunately, most couples aren't taught how to have a healthy conflict that leaves both people with a deeper understanding of each other. 


  • Learn how to have conflict in a healthy, resourceful way so that all conflicts help you become closer to your partner.

  • Reset the relationship, find mutual ground, and build a solid foundation for long-term fulfillment.

  • Understand yourself, your core values and needs, and how to align them with your partner. 

  • Understand your partner's needs and how to fulfill them.

  • Learn how to communicate with each other effectively.

  • Improve self-confidence, self-esteem, and overcome personal issues that affect the relationship.

  • Let go of negative emotions and emotional reactivity that continue to harm the relationship.

  • Discover congruence, greater harmony, and a deeper sense of belonging as a couple.

  • Enhanced sexual performance and sexual desire for each other.

  • Learn the importance of polarity and use it to increase passion in the relationship.

  • Build a vision together that supports the vision you have as individuals. 

Relationship coaching is geared to help you and your partner reconnect, gain a new understanding of each other, build a future vision and plan, and learn powerful relationship skills to achieve and sustain a peaceful, loving, passionate relationship.


It is a priceless essential to enhance and fulfill the most important relationship in our lives, not just for the couple but for the children you may have who are witnessing and modeling what a healthy relationship is through you. 

Luke and his wife together
Luke and his wife standing together next to the water.

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