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Upgrade Your Mindset
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Upgrade Your Life


Hi, I'm Luke.

I am a former professional boxer and personal trainer from Newcastle, Australia. I am now a mindset development coach.

I have been fascinated by human psychology for the largest portion of my li
fe and I now study self-actualization psychology. I am also passionate about health & fitness, and how to have an incredibly fulfilling love life

My journey started throughout my teenage years into my 20s when I struggled with clinical depression and anxiety. I felt controlled by my thoughts and emotions and I hated being at the mercy of an out-of-control mind. This negatively affected every part of my life including my health, finances, career, relationships, and beyond.

After messing up many great relationships, being inconsistent in my boxing career, and struggling to find any sense of peace in my life, change became an absolute must. I could no longer live like that...

I researched, studied, and sought support from coaches and mentors. I upgraded my mindset bit by bit, and I can now look back and say it was the best thing I have ever done. I learned how to reach my goals, succeed in relationships, and create the inner peace I longed for, all by expan
ding my mental abilities and utilizing my mindset in new and practical ways.

My mission today is to guide others in their quest to upgrade their lives by upgrading their mindsets, so they can reach their goals, enhance their relationships, and create the life they want. 

Enjoy the journey, 

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