Ultimate Breakthrough  

Welcome to the Ultimate Breakthrough Experience

This program is a results focused, comprehensive mindset & lifestyle coaching program.


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We focus sharply on you and complete optimisation of your mindset while staying laser focused on your goals for 12 weeks.

Each program is tailored specific to the individual.

We work towards achieving your specific goals while completely optimising your physical and mental performance in every context of your life. 

In this 12 weeks we work to maximise your life holistically. Enhancing every part needed to produce the life you want.    

The contexts we can focus on include: 

  • Mindset/Mental Optimisation - Get the most powerful mindset possible! Through tools such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, and Human Behaviour Psychology we get you to overcome all limiting beliefs, all self doubts, inner conflicts, and get the most powerful, rock solid mindset possible so you can achieve your goals and become your pinnacle self. 

  • Joy/Fulfilment - We focus on every part of the mindset including helping you clear anxiety, phobias, depression and other mental health challenges to help you get to a consistent life of daily joy and fulfilment. 

  • Physical Optimisation - Improved energy, health, vitality, and mental clarity through perfecting your nutrition and fitness/physical activity. We use the tools of Integrative nutrition holistic health coaching and exercise performance training to optimise your physical body.  

  • Career - Any career goal can be achieved with the desire to achieve it, the right plan and a powerful mindset. Often people hold themselves back unconsciously from going after what they're worth and achieving what they are capable of. We help you get clear on what you're worth and move towards getting it. 

  • Relationship Performance/fulfilment - We Identify and resolve any issues within in your relationship, enhance your communication, give you the tools to understand your partner on a whole new level so you can experience a level of fulfilment within your relationship beyond what you might believe to be possible. On top of this we can optimise your libido and enhance your sex life through teaching the skills and knowledge needed.

  • Relationship Discovery - We help you find the exact relationship you desire. There are several key things that hold people back from getting the relationship they desire, and they are all to do with mindset and unconscious behaviour. We help you get the right mindset to attract the relationship you want.

  • Family Life - Learn how to align the family values to have a whole new level of family cohesion and experience a deeper sense of connection.


  • 1 x 2 hour sessions per week for 12 weeks.

  • Preparation before and between session.

  • Specific tasking between sessions.

  • Phone, Text and Email support throughout the program.

  • Resources throughout the program delivered to your door. 


Sessions are done via online video call (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime) or audio call (unless discussed otherwise).



Only 5 positions available. 

This allows Luke to deliver the most high impact results for each individual client. 

Luke does a screening consultation process before taking on a client to ensure that your desired results will be achieved. 

For more information on availability email Luke at lukebundercoaching@gmail.com