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Self-Worth & Happiness 

Building Teenage Self-Belief and Confidence 

Developing Communication and Leadership 

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Working Through Stress & Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

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Meaningful Change

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Resolving Work Stress, Anxiety & Building Self-Esteem

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Overcoming Self-Doubt & Building Self-Trust

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Taking Control Of Mind & Emotions

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Healing & Developing Life Skills

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Overcoming Insecurity & Low Self-Worth

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Resolving Marital Issues

 "My wife and I came to see Luke during a challenging time in our marriage.

We were struggling with communication, constant negativity between us and no passion at all in the relationship towards the end. This had built up over time and It was getting close to ending our marriage of 10 years. We are so glad we decided to do a relationship breakthrough program with Luke.


Luke helped us see what we were not seeing as a couple. He challenged our beliefs around relationships in a kind and practical way. He pushed me into opening up as a closed off man, he helped me let go of some childhood trauma and taught me how to understand and fulfil a feminine woman. Luke taught us about polarity, how to fulfil each other's needs and how to create more variety in our relationship.


By the end of the program we had broken down the walls between us, we became closer and more positive towards each other, we discovered a whole new understanding of each other as individuals and as the masculine and feminine.

We now have a new level of connection and passion as a couple." 

J & S  (January 2021)

Enhancing Confidence & Career Performance

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Business Coaching & Dating Coaching

Child Self-belief and Confidence 

Support through a tough time

Anger Management & Mental Well-being

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