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"My wife and I came to see Luke during a challenging time in our marriage.

We were struggling with communication, constant negativity between us and no passion at all in the relationship towards the end. This had built up over time and It was getting close to ending our marriage of 10 years. We are so glad we decided to do a relationship breakthrough program with Luke.


Luke helped us see what we were not seeing as a couple. He challenged our beliefs around relationships in a kind and practical way. He pushed me into opening up as a closed off man, he helped me let go of some childhood trauma and taught me how to understand and fulfil a feminine woman. Luke taught us about polarity, how to fulfil each other's needs and how to create more variety in our relationship.


By the end of the program we had broken down the walls between us, we became closer and more positive towards each other, we discovered a whole new understanding of each other as individuals and as the masculine and feminine.

We now have a new level of connection and passion as a couple." 

J & S  (January 2021)


"Before meeting Luke I was at a point in my life where I was stuck. I was in a negative headspace, I was trapped in a pattern of negative habits and beliefs and all I could see was suffering - I was suffering. 

I wasn't the person I wanted to be but I didn't know how to create the change that I needed alone. Meeting Luke was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. Luke is a fantastic mentor and mindset coach. I was able to share my experiences with him to create a meaning change in my life. My development came in the form of mindset, positivity, redirection and healing.

Working with Luke was easy - he's a relatable individual with real life experience and an authenticity about him that seems to stand out from other professionals. Sometimes no matter how much we want to help ourselves, it's just not quite enough and for that I'm glad I got the chance to work with Luke." 

Ellie Brown 24yo - Medical Doctor (December 2020)


"I came into contact with Luke after an unexpected marriage break up. This was one of the hardest things I have dealt with in my entire life and Luke was  a massive support for me during some very dark days. 


I couldn't understand how or why this happened - nothing made sense to me and I played things over in my head over and over trying to find the answers.

Luke was very approachable and I instantly felt ok in talking about what was happening for me. This even included talking about my childhood and my upbringing which was completely abnormal for me.

Luke was very non judgemental and I felt completely at ease in discussing some pretty traumatic experiences. 


Luke was very honest with me and helped change my mindset and how I was thinking about the situation I was dealing with. He helped me find clarity and develop my own self worth and confidence but also helped me learn about relationships and more importantly understanding the opposite sex and what I can do to improve that connection.

Luke challenged my current way of thinking and made me explore possibilities outside of my confined mindset shackled by the blueprints of my past. I am now a bigger and stronger man and Luke has been a massive part of my journey to allow this."

Daniel C - Accredited Certifier (November 2020)