Relationship Breakthrough

Helping couples re-ignite their passion and achieve an authentic, fulfilling relationship.  

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"The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives"

What would it be worth to you to be able to know your partner inside and out? To be able to communicate to them in a whole new way? To know what turns them on and fills them up? To have the passion back in your relationship? All of our clients say it's priceless. 

A relationship breakthrough is a series of four powerful relationship coaching sessions which is designed for couples to not just re-ignite the passion in their relationship but empower them to keep it alive and passionate for life.

It is a quick way to resolve relationship challenges and achieve a fulfilling relationship for life.


 Relationship Breakthrough is the opportunity to achieve relationship success.

• Get a very deep understanding of yourself and your needs. 

• Get a very deep understanding of your partner and their needs.

• Learn how to fulfil each others needs to ignite the passion and make it permanent and lasting.

• Improved communication, learn how to communicate with each other effectively.  

• Improved individual self confidence,

• Enhanced sexual performance and sexual desire for each other.
• Let go of negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, phobias, among others that harm the relationship.
• We elicit your values and align your values so you become totally congruent, have greater harmony, a deeper sense of belonging, and experience incredible couple cohesion.
• Create achievable goals and a compelling future vision together.  

• We teach you a list of relationship tools to take home, to continue a fulfilling life of love and passion.




A relationship breakthrough is 4 sessions, over 4 weeks.

Session #1 = 2 hours - The first session is done part as a couple and part individually.


Session #2 = 2.5 hours - The seconds session is done with 1 individual.

Session #3 = 2.5 hours - The third session is done with the other individual. 

Session #4 = 2 hours - The fourth session is done as a couple.



We are results focused which is why all of our programs are guaranteed. 

A Relationship Breakthrough is geared to help you and your partner re-connect, ignite the passion, learn powerful relationship skills and to achieve and sustain your ideal relationship.

It is a priceless essential to improve and fulfil our most important relationships, not just for the couple but for your children to witness and model what a healthy relationship is so they grow up with healthy skills and belief around relationships.  

 If you and your partner know your relationship can be more than what it is then book a 90 minute consult with  to get started. 


The 90 minute consult requires both partners and is a pre-requisite to doing a relationship breakthrough program. 

Thank you.

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