Relationship Breakthrough

Helping couples re-ignite the passion to achieve an authentic, fulfilling relationship.  

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"The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives"

What would it be worth to you to be able to know your partner inside and out? To be able to communicate to them in a whole new way? To know what turns them on and fills them up? To have the passion back in your relationship and be able to maintain it?  

A relationship breakthrough is a series of powerful relationship coaching sessions which is designed for couples to break the old patterns in their relationship, overcome individual problems holding the relationship back, rediscovering their own personal core confidence, and learning all that is needed to achieve a fulfilling relationship for life.

 Relationship Breakthrough is the opportunity to achieve relationship success.


• Reset the relationship, find mutual ground and begin building a solid foundation for long term fulfilment.

• Get a very deep understanding of yourself, your core values and needs and how to align them with your partner. 

• Get a very deep understanding of your partner, their needs and how to fulfil them.

• Improved communication, learn how to communicate with each other effectively.  

• Improved individual self confidence,
• Let go of negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, phobias, among others that harm the relationship.
• Discover congruence, greater harmony, a deeper sense of belonging as a couple.

• Enhanced sexual performance and sexual desire for each other.
• Create achievable goals and a compelling future vision together.  

• Learn a list of relationship, sex and communication tools to take home, to continue a fulfilling love life. 

A Relationship Breakthrough is geared to help you and your partner re-connect, ignite the passion, gain a new understanding of each other, learn powerful relationship skills to achieve and sustain your ideal relationship.


It is a priceless essential to enhance and fulfil the most important relationship in our life, not just for the couple but for the children who witness and model what a healthy relationship is, so they get to grow up with healthy skills and belief about relationships.  

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"My wife and I came to see Luke during a challenging time in our marriage.
We were struggling with communication, constant negativity between us and no passion at all in the relationship towards the end. This had built up over time and It was getting close to ending our marriage of 10 years. We are so glad we decided to do a relationship breakthrough program with Luke.
Luke helped us see what we were not seeing as a couple. He challenged our beliefs around relationships in a kind and practical way. He pushed me into opening up as a closed off man, he helped me let go of some childhood trauma and taught me how to understand and fulfil a feminine woman. Luke taught us about polarity, how to fulfil each other's needs and how to create more variety in our relationship.
By the end of the program we had broken down the walls between us, we became closer and more positive towards each other, we discovered a whole new understanding of each other as individuals and as the masculine and feminine.

We now have a new level of connection and passion as a couple." 

J & S  (January 2021)

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