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Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Holding the hand of a dying loved one on what was to be his last day alive. I was present with him, I said I love you with my words and good bye with my body language. I left the hospice with my brother, a little quiet, yet I was not sad. Of course I'd miss my pop, he was a great man, but I was celebrating his life because he was one of the lucky ones. He made it. He got to live to old age.

About 7 years earlier I asked myself "If Pop was to pass away - would I have any regrets?”

I said to myself "Yes, I'd wish I had visited him more and got to know him better." From that day I decided I would visit him every week. I did that. I still have no regrets.

Time flies if we take it for granted.

If we only get to see our parents or grandparents 10 times per year and they are 68yo, If the average life expectancy is let's say 78yo, then it's worth considering the fact you may very well only get to see them 100 more times in your life. Each time will be more special knowing this.

Questions worth asking:

  1. Who matters to you?

  2. Why?

  3. How often do you see them?

  4. If they were to pass next month, would you have any regrets?

  5. What can you decide to do differently now to avoid that?

Enjoy the journey,


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