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Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Sometimes when we have a problem in a specific area, if we hope a little more and wait a little longer, things will miraculously improve.

This frustrating problem might be in our relationship, our health, our fitness, our career, or anything else...

And sometimes, they will improve.

But most of the time, things only change if we do.

If nothing changes, we can’t expect anything to change.

If the same beliefs are held, If the same choices are taken, and If the same actions are repeated, is it just common sense that we will get a similar result?

This is pretty obvious to most of us, but it’s amazing how common it is for most people (including myself) to deal with the same problems consistently, remain frustrated, and yet take no new action to change.

A Solution

1. Acceptance - Accept that you have this problem.

Get grounded in a state of acceptance for the problem so you can reflect on it from a grounded state. If you are not accepting, you are likely rejecting.

2. Get clear on what you want - What do you want instead?

3. Get Response-able - Ask yourself: How can I take responsibility for this?

Accepting responsibility is taking back the power to change it.

4. Awareness - Get awareness of the problem, and its triggers.

An excellent way to do this on your own is with a journal and asking yourself quality questions like the below:

What beliefs do I have in this area that might be causing this problem? What else?

What do I believe about this problem? What else?

Are these beliefs helpful?

What might be more useful beliefs to hold in mind?

How will these new beliefs make a difference?

Reflect on actions too...

What actions am I taking in this area that might be causing this problem?

What actions am I NOT taking in this area that might be causing this problem?

What is triggering these actions?

What can I do differently to stop/start these triggers?

How will these new actions make a difference in my future?

5. Imagine - Imagine how these new beliefs and actions might work in the future.

Play it out in your mind. Will the new beliefs and actions support you in getting a new, preferred result?

6. Take new action - Apply these new beliefs and actions in your life.

7. Reassess - Book a time in a few weeks to reassess.

Am I happy with the new results?

Have things gotten better?

Is the problem gone?

Are things on the up?

Or are they the same?

8. Accept whatever the result is and start again.

If the problem is gone, continue the new approach.

If not, repeat the process.

Continue UNTIL you get your desired outcome.

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