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Welcome to the Personal Breakthrough Program

A personal breakthrough is a supercharged, intensive, context targeted life/mindset coaching program. A quick way to achieve massive, permanent, meaningful changes in yourself and in your personal development. 

We utilise the same skills that we train our students in, some of the world’s most powerful personal development technologies. We use a mix of gentle, yet powerful tools including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, and Holistic lifestyle coaching to get rid of the barriers that have held you back from living the life you desire.

Personal breakthrough sessions are client specific and that means we work on whatever personal changes you want to make in yourself to achieve your ideal outcome in your personal or professional life. We will work together to help you decide on what your goal may be if you are currently unsure of the direction you want to move in.


   A Personal Breakthrough can be used to achieve fulfilment in any context of life, here are some:

​• Increased self confidence, enhanced your work performance.

​• Discover your passion, your purpose and make it your life.

• Clear away self sabotage, trauma, anxiety and greatly improve your mental, health.

• Get rid of past issues so they no longer hold you back. 
• Let go of negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, and shame, among others that harm your body.

• Let go go limiting beliefs. 

• Let go of phobias.

• Attract your ideal partner.

• Quit gambling.

• Lose weight, quit smoking, get yourself healthy again.​
• Align your values to meet your goals, so you get totally congruent in your behaviour.
• Create a compelling future and an exciting plan of action towards achieving it.  






A PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH is 4 sessions done over 4 weeks.

Session #1 = 2 hours (+ tasking between session #1 & #2)

Session #2 = 2 hours 

Session #3 = 2 hours

Session #4 = 2 hours (+ post-session tasking to do while integrating)


Following the Personal Breakthrough, while you are integrating changes  in beliefs, a new mindset plus following through with your tasks and goals, there is an optional 30 minute phone support session each month for 3 months after your breakthrough. This is to enable a smooth transformation or to address any other changes that you may want to make.


Your investment in time and cost affords you the ability to fulfil your potential.



We are results focused which is why all of our programs are guaranteed. 

If you are reading this and there is something unresolved or missing from your life. You may not be satisfied in all areas of life and have a nagging, repeating feeling that unless you change, your future will be much the same as the past. A breakthrough creates the momentum to propel you into achieving a desirable future.​

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